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Ashok Khosla

Chairman, Development Alternatives Former Co-President, Club of Rome

Ashok Khosla is the Chairman of the Development Alternatives Group, a consortium of social enterprises based in India whose mission is to create technologies, businesses and markets for large-scale generation of sustainable livelihoods.
Earlier, he was the Director of the Office of Environment, Government of India, and Director, Infoterra in the United Nations Environment Programme.
He has also been the Co-President of the Club of Rome and has been a Member of the Governing Bodies of the World Economic Forum in Davos, IUCN, WWF, IISD, the Stockholm Environment Institute, WETV and several other Indian and international organizations. He was Special Advisor to the Brundtland Commission and Chairman of the NGO Forum at the ‘92 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.
He has been a board member of many government, industry and NGO bodies in India, including the National Security Advisory Board, the Science Advisory Committee to the Cabinet and the National Environment Council.
Ashok Khosla studied at the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard. His work on developmental issues has been recognised with the Stockholm Challenge Award in 2002, the UN Sasakawa Environment Prize in 2002 and the Schwab Foundation’s Award for Outstanding Social Entrepreneur in 2004 along with numerous other awards and national medals of honour.